MARCH 2017:


Cobra T.A becomes NEW Michigan State Heavyweight Champion:

The charismatic powerhouse Cobra T.A. pinned Prospect Zero in a 6 man tag team main event to become the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. Cobra & the leader of the Nomads Ace Evans have been battling for months. Each wrestler has traded wins, this time Cobra has come out on top. A rematch is expected to settle the score once and for all. This rematch will happen on March 17 in Flushing as Ace & Cobra go at it one last time. Cobra claims that he will “put down the Nomads once and for all.” He also voiced excitement at taking a shot at the record of longest champion in PPW history held by Kris Korvis (nearly 2 years).


Father Time & Xavier Justice Become Tag Team Champions:

After trading the tag team titles back and forth between the Nomads, Father Time & XJ have come out on the winning end of a huge 6 man tag team main event in Fenton. This huge victory put the PPW Tag Team Titles around their waste for the second time. A rematch is expected between the Nomads and “Justice Time” in March. Can this unlikely duo hold on to the titles or will the nefarious Nomads walk away on top?


WWE Alumni Zach Gowen Signs Long Term Agreement

PPW officials have released word that WWE Alumni and NBC American Ninja Warrior Zach Gowen has signed a long term agreement to work full time with Pure Pro Wrestling. Gowen was pro wrestling’s first one legged wrestler after losing his leg to a battle with cancer at a young age. “The One Leg Warrior” was one of the hottest free agents in wrestling, however after intense negotiations Gowen & PPW officials have come to terms on an agreement that will allow Gowen to compete full time. Gowen has expressed that he is committing to helping PPW “take it to the next level.” During his contracted period with PPW, Gowen wants to make a strong run at the Michigan State Heavyweight Title and hopes to be able to inspire children across the state of Michigan.


WWE/TNA Alumni "Alpha Male" Monty Brown Signed for 1 Night Only Appearance

Saginaw native Monty Brown will be making his highly anticipated return to professional wrestling on April 7 at Freeland High School during a huge fundraising event for the school district's technology upgrade funding. Monty Brown first gained fame by becoming one of the most dominant football players in NCAA history. Brown graduated college and moved on to the NFL where he found tremendous success as a starting outside linebacker for the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl team & as a member of the New England Patriots. 

After an ankle injury ended his football career, he chose to go into professional wrestling. It didn't take long for Brown to rise to the top ranks in the pros. Brown captured multiple championships across the country while becoming one of the most popular stars in TNA history. After dominating TNA wrestling, Brown moved on to finish his career in the WWE before leaving wrestling for good.

The Alpha Male will be in full effect on April 7th at Freeland High School. Sources close to Brown have confirmed that the Alpha Male will not be returning to pro wrestling on a regular basis, and April 7th is quite literally a 1 NIGHT ONLY AFFAIR. 

Don't miss this unbelievably rare opportunity to catch Michigan wrestling legend "Alpha Male" Monty Brown in action. This may be the very last opportunity to see him in a ring ever! Tickets are available online right now -- VIP Row 1 seating is nearly sold out, VIP ROW 2 is now also selling fast. Do not wait, order tickets NOW in order to make sure you have a chance to see Monty Brown in action!


Cody Manning Claims to be the Best Cruiserweight in Michigan

“The Big Deal” Cody Manning is PPW’s resident male model / pro wrestler. He is one of the most decorated grapplers in PPW history, but he is tired of the lack of regard he’s receiving. Manning claims that “no one respects his game” and that PPW refuses to give him the accolades he deserves. This former Tag Team & TV champion has competed for PPW for over 8 years. Manning is urging PPW to “come on with it” referring to a new Cruiserweight title and competitive division. PPW Officials have made an effort to sign more cruiserweights with the additions of The Maltese Tiger, Solaris, MM3, Alex Weir, Black Mallory, & Billy Jack Daniels. However there has been no statements released regarding an actual title for the division. PPW Online has heard rumblings of a Cruiserweight Tourney coming in late 2017, but no official details have been released.


Arella Angel Vows to do Her Part to End Stereotypes About Women in Wrestling

Arella Angel is one of PPW’s most popular athletes and is an excellent competitor in the ring. She is a former Tag Team champion alongside her husband Gideon Malice and she has been the top wrestler in PPW’s women’s division for several years. In a time when women in wrestling are often used as eye candy, Angel looks to break the mold. “Women in wrestling are not eye candy, we’re athletes.” Said Angel in a recent interview. “I’m sick of women being disrespected in this sport. For too long its always been about looks and not ability. Women who devalue and degrade themselves to get ahead are ruining for the rest of us. If we’re ever going to be taken seriously we need to treat ourselves with respect and the rest of wrestling will follow our lead.” Angel is referring to the controversial history in wrestling where women are often taken advantage of and not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts. “For too long women have had to do things to get ahead that no women should have to endure. If we’re not willing to show off our bodies or act sexual in nature then companies don’t want to put us in the ring. I’ve met so many talented women wrestlers and we’re all getting fed up with decades of this mysogonistic mindset. Its time for a change.” Angel is passionate about her mission to put women on the map in PPW. She’s even gone as far to say that she’s happy that PPW doesn’t have a title just for women and that PPW allows women to compete against men. “We’re just as tough as men. I’ve proven it time and time again because I’ve defeated several men in my career. I’m not afraid to step in the ring with men, in fact, they should be afraid to step in the ring with me. I’ll destroy them.” Said Angel.


US Army Veteran Aaron Orion Returns to PPW

Nearly a decade ago, PPW’s inaugural training class graduated and students in the class began their journey in pro wrestling. Out of a dozen or so graduates, only a small handful remained in pro wrestling, and an even smaller amount found success. Survival in pro wrestling is tough. The miles are long, the hours are endless, the injuries are real, and the pressure to compete is constant. Many men and women don’t make it, but every once in a while a special someone comes along that has the tools needed to make an impact. Aaron Orion has those tools.


When AO first started wrestling his success was marginal at best. He did get opportunities and exposure, but his career wasn’t heading in the direction he wanted. AO left wrestling to join the Army. After working his way up to Specialist, AO served his country with honor. After his responsibilities with Uncle Sam were fulfilled, AO decided to make his return to the ring. That return took place February 11th in Unionville where he soundly defeated MM3. Since returning AO has also captured CIW’s Heavyweight Championship. CIW is another Michigan based company that PPW has recently went into a working agreement with. Can this US Army veteran become the next Michigan State Heavyweight Champion? Only time will tell.



Feb 2 in Flint:

Can’t Miss Crew def. MM3 & Chris Moore


Blake Mallory def. Maltese Tiger


Father Time def. Cody Manning & Beefcake


Xavier Justice def. Sebastian Rose


Feb 4 in Sumner:

Zach Gowen def. Gideon Malice

Tenshi def Raja

The Nomads def Father Time & Xavier Justice to become NEW PPW Tag Team Champs

Ace Evans def Cobra T.A. to retain Michigan State Heavyweight Title


Feb 11 in Unionville:

Cobra T.A. def Zach Gowen

The Nomads def Father Time & Xavier Justice

Aaron Orion def. MM3

The Beefcake & Alex Weir def. Chaz Montana & Billy Jack Daniels

Prospect Zero def. Solaris


Feb 25 in Fenton:

Cobra T.A., Father Time, & Xavier Justice def The Nomads

Beefcake def Grizzly House Jones

Gideon Malice def James Alexander

Raja def Arella Angel


Upcoming Events:

March 17 – Sportatorium Flushing, MI

March 18 – Whitmore Lake High School featuring WWE Alumni Zach Gowen

April 1 – VFW – Manistee, MI featuring Ladies Wrestling Night & WWE Alumni Zach Gowen

April 7 – Freeland HS - Featuring WWE/TNA Alumni "Alpha Male" Monty Brown & WWE Alumni Zach Gowen


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