Ace Evans Becomes Six Time Michigan State Heavyweight Champion:

On January 6th 2017 at the Birch Run Expo Center, Ace Evans became the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion for the sixth time. Fans were treated to one of the wildest main events in PPW history. All the titles were on the line in an “Extreme Rules 10 Man Tag Team Match.” It was all out pandemonium as the Nomads went to war against C.I.A., Nitro, Ray Orndorff, & Cobra T.A. As the gladiators battled across the Expo, Evans was able to escape with a win and reclaim the title, but not before leaving Cobra T.A. on the shelf.


Father Time & Xavier Justice Become Tag Team Champions:

Michigan’s Miracle Man & PPW’s Head Trainer Xavier Justice combined forces to dethrone The Nomads after a 160+ day reign as tag team champions. The fan favorites fought valiantly as they tangled with the rule breaking thugs on January 20th in Flushing. The final pin fall was scored on Prospect Zero which has since created controversy. The Nomads believe that the match results should be reversed because CJ Anderson was not present to defend the titles. Nomad President Donahue did sign the bout contract giving Zero the ability to stand in CJ’s place who according to Donahue “Was currently on a run.” Donahue has since backtracked and said he made the decision under "pressure by the establishment." After Time & Justice had their hand raised, the crowd in Flushing cheered. The Nomads were sent off to lick their wounds. Donahue claims that CJ Anderson will be present at the rematch and places blame for the loss on the back of their “prospect.”



For the past 11 years PPW has provided Michigan with exciting family friendly pro wrestling events and is also responsible for training and seasoning some of the best talent in the entire state. Many of Michigan's most successful wrestlers such as Ace Evans, Hakim Zane, Father Time, The Beefcake, & Aaron Orion got their start by training at PPW. Other wrestlers Michigan Standouts such as The Can't Miss Crew first got noticed after performing at PPW events. On Wed. Feb 1 PPW will host an open house at their training center located at 5380 W. Pierson RD. in Flushing, MI from 6PM to 8PM. Trainer's Xavier Justice & Ace Evans will be giving prospective students information, a facility tour, and an in ring evanluation. The information and open house is free, the evaluation is $20. Enrollment begins on Feb. 1. Cost to enroll is $100. Training dues are $50 per month. A pro certification program will be offered to those who qualify. Winter & early Spring sessions will be held on Tuesday & Wed nights from 6PM to 9PM and Friday morning at 10AM. Enroll in person on Feb 1 or online at www.prowrestlingatitsfinest.com. Ref, Manager, & announcing/interview training is available. PPW is also excepting production & marketing interns and will offer educational programs involving production, marketing, and promoting. 


PPW Signs a Crop of Talented Cruiserweights – PPW Set to Create New Division

PPW officials have released word that a Cruiserweight Division is in the works for the 2017 Season. Over the past few months PPW has boasted a plethora of exciting cruiserweight bouts featuring some very talented athletes. In the illustrious history of professional wrestling, men of a smaller stature were often overlooked in favor of their mountainous heavyweight counterparts. Wrestling used to be the land of the giants, now grapplers come in all shapes and sizes. The recent resurgence of cruiserweight competition across the globe has weighed heavily on the decision of PPW officials to begin signing cruiserweights and featuring them more prominently on event cards. PPW takes pride in giving the fans what it wants, and right now, the fans want more cruiserweights!

Thus far PPW has signed six cruiserweights over the past few months:

*MM3 – Third generation grappler out of Detroit who began his career in high school

*Billy Ray Daniels – The brash Texan who’s always looking for a fight

*Blake Acumen – Grew up watching PPW events, went on to training and become a pro. Outside the ring he’s certifiably genius, inside the ring he’s fast and fearless.

*Alex Weir – This rookie sensation is young, athletic, and hungry to compete.

*Jack Verville – Accomplished veteran with miles of experience. Submission specialist.

*The Maltese Tiger – Mysterious and athletic, known for his fierce strikes and high flying attacks.


These top athletes join “The Big Deal” Cody Manning, a highly decorated PPW veteran, the high flying Hypnotico, and the villain Max Morrison in what has the makings of one of the top cruiserweight divisions in the country. PPW officials have not released the details regarding the division or a date of its official kickoff, however they have confirmed that the “King of Cruiserweights” will be crowned in a “Clash of the Cruiserweights” tournament that will take place in 2017. Details will be released in the next edition of of the SLAM REPORT.



Former Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Cobra T.A. has been sidelined with a ruptured appendix. Cobra is currently at home after successful emergency surgery at Genesis Hospital in Grand Blanc. On January 6 Cobra was involved in a ten man “Extreme Rules” tag team bout where he was lost the title belt. At the end of the match Cobra was left unconscious and was seen bleeding from the mouth. In the weeks following Cobra’s pride got the best of him and he decided to rest his body instead of visiting a doctor. On January 20 Cobra T.A. competed and won against Cory Lyon, however due to the dire amount of pain he was in, he left the event after the match and went straight to the ER where they rushed him into surgery. The surgery was successful and Cobra T.A. is expected to heal and return to the ring within 6-8 weeks.



PPW has been providing pro wrestling for families across the state of Michigan for over eleven years. In southern Michigan, Championship International Wrestling has been producing events for twice as long. The two well respected companies have come to an agreement to work together exchange talent while creating the best wrestling possible for Michigan’s loyal fans. Over the past several months the rumor mill has been running wild as talks of a co produced television program have been heard. Other speculation lies in co promoted events, “PPW VS CIW super shows,” and combined efforts to bring in internationally recognized headlining talent. As of now PPW & CIW management has been hush hush, however more details are expected to be released in next month’s SLAM REPORT.



A special Wrestler's Court was called into session after an incident involving PPW Official Dan Marley and PPW wrestler The Beefcake. Early in January PPW visited Birch Run Expo Center for an action packed night of family friendly wrestling. During the contender's bout between Father Time & Xavier Justice, Beefcake attacked Marley and dismissed him from the ring, but not before taking his spot as the ref of the match. At the end of the match Marley returned and attacked The Beefcake causing chaos in the ring. As a result a "Wrestlers Court" session was held in Flushing in front of a lively crowd to decide the fate of the two parties. Special Judge Pastor Benny Stribling precided over the matters and ultimately ruled that "Thunder" Dan Marley could keep his certification and The Beefcake would be forced to pay a $500 fine. The Beefcake has since tried to pay his fine with Arby's coupons and couch change. 


January 6th 2017 @ Birch Run Expo:

10 Man Extreme Rules Tag Team Bout for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship & PPW Tag Team Championships

The Nomads defeat Nitro, C.I.A. Cobra T.A. & Ray Orndorff

*Ace Evans is NEW Michigan State Heavyweight Champion & Tag Team Champion along with CJ Anderson.


Heidi Katrina def. Sybil Starr

Tag Team Showcase:
The Can't Miss Crew def. James Alexander & Jeff Brooks

Future Contender's Bout: Father Time def. Xavier Justice
*Father Time cashes in contract on Jan. 20 in Flushing / will team with Xavier Justice to challenge The Nomads

Clash of the Cruiserweights Gauntlet:
Cody Manning def. MM3, Blake Mallory, Billy Jack Daniels, & Alex Weir

Zach Gowen def. Cody Manning

*Main Event was changed - Silas Young was unable to travel to Michigan due to blizzard like conditions


January 20th @ Flushing Sportatorium

Arella Angel def. Billy Ray Daniels

Contender's Bout: Grizzly House Jones def. Gideon Malice via countout
*Grizzly is granted a title shot anytime in 2017

Wrestlers Court: Referee "Thunder" Dan Marley keeps his certification, The Beefcake is fined $500 for Abuse of Authority.

Cobra T.A. def. Cory Lyon

MM3 def Blake Acumen

Cody Manning def. Alex Weir

Beefcake def. The Maltese Tiger

Father Time & Xavier Justice def Prospect Zero & Ace Evans to become NEW PPW Tag Team Champions



Feb. 2 @ Northridge Academy in Flint, MI

Feb. 4 @ Community Center in Sumner, MI

Feb. 11 @ American Legion Post 421 in Unionville, MI

Feb. 17 @ The Sportatorium in Flushing, MI

Feb. 25 @ The Freedom Center in Fenton, MI

Feb. 26 @ City Market in Flint, MI (CIW/PPW Event)


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